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#newmusic show 06/03 on @salfordcradio

On this weeks show I’ve plays for local acts Rum Thief, Elizabeth Joy, The Elk and False Advertising

I’ve new tracks from Cherry Head, Cherry Heart, La Bête Blooms, Chris Manasseh, The New Up, Sugarthief, PATHS, Tilia and Truman Falls Music.

I’ve a new #Reverbnation campaign which has just gotten up and running, from it I’ll be introducing acts Harmony Drive, Andy Jans-Brown & COZMIC, We Govern We, Roots of Thought, Wild Sons and Ruby Roses.

Our Single Of The Week is the new one from Temples, and my Album Of The Week is “Burns”, the new LP from Halasan Bazar, I’ve a couple of tracks from them.

I’ve a few poems to play this week courtesy of The Poetry of David R Mellor, plus there’s a couple of treats on the way from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Led Zeppelin.

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#newmusic show on @salfordcradio, 040116

Happy New Year guys!

Join me for the first ‪#‎newmusic‬ show of 2016 on Salford City Radio, where I’ll be playing some of the best new and ‪#‎unsigned‬ acts around.

Coming up I’ve plays for a host of brilliant ‪#‎local‬ acts, including Little Sparrow, The Chief of Seattle, Young War, The Tapestry & Concrete Wildlife.

I’ve three acts to introduce from my latest ReverbNation campaign which got up and running last week – from it I’ve plays for Explorers, today the moon, tomorrow the sun and Rony Trio.

I’ve also plays for AaRON, Ophiuco, The Art Of Amputation and a Single Of The Week from CHAPPO.

Playlist 040116
Little Sparrow – Wishing Tree
Ophiuco – Desert
The Tapestry – Infatuation
Concrete Wildlife – My Money
The Art Of Amputation – Californian English
CHAPPO – Mad Magic
Explorers – Numbers
today the moon, tomorrow the sun – Walls
Rony Trio – Mystery
The Chief of Seattle – Heart Of A Stag
Young War – Winter In The City
AaRON – Blouson Noir

Listen live every Monday from 8pm at 94.4FM, online and via the TuneIn app.


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#newmusic show on @salfordcradio, 281215

It’s the final ‎new music‬ show of 2015 on Salford City Radio! Tune in for a roundup of some of the best new and ‎unsigned‬ acts around.

On this weeks show I’m kickstarting next year as I mean to go on, beginning with my latest ReverbNation campaign which had just got up and running. I’ll be featuring around 3 acts a week from it, this weeks I’ve plays for Lyndsey Craig, Smooth Ends & The Monotrol Kid. I’ve also a play for an act from my last campaign, Kylie Odetta.

I’ll be playing tracks from The Theme, Craig Smith aka One Poet, Red Robb, Little Triggers, Tess Callaghan, Fictonian, Sugarmen & Jimmy & the Revolvers. I’ve also a “Single of the Week” from Colony House with their latest track “Silhouettes”.

Listen live every Monday from 8pm at 94.4FM, online and via the TuneIn app.


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Playlist 281215
Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean
The Theme Live – In A Daze
Fictonian – Full Circle Influence
Local Enemy – Dancing In Your High Heels
Colony House – Silhouettes
Little Triggers – Why You Giving Me Up
Kylie Odetta – Already Gone
Lyndsey Craig – Blood Diamonds
Smooth Ends – Sound Bound
The monotrol kid – Tuscan Moon
Craig Smith aka One Poet– Diamonds In The Dark
Red Robb – Oceans Deep
Tess Callaghan – Favourite Director
Jimmy & the Revolvers – The Morning Paper

#bestof2015 #newmusic show on @salfordcradio

As ever it’s been a fantastic year for new music, from returning established acts to brand new artists realeasing their debut material. Join me for a two hour special as I round up a number of my favourite tracks and acts from the past twelve months.

Along the way I’ll have music from Courtney Barnett, Tame Impala, Kurt Vile, Richard Hawley, Laura Marling, as well as local acts The Slow Readers Club, Little Sparrow, Death To The Strange and many more.

Listen live every Monday from 8pm, only on Salford City Radio – 94.4FM, online and via the TuneIn app.


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Two hours doesn’t seem long enough!

To listen to the playlist on Spotify, where you’ll also find a number of additional tracks I wasn’t able to fit into the show, follow the link below:


#newmusic show 301115 on @salfordcradio

On this weeks show On this weeks show I’ve tracks from Jamie Beau, Wild Palms, The Frisbys, Hayley Cannon, Alpha Shallows, Brother Oliver & Lauren Bradford.

I’ve another three new acts to introduce via my current ReverbNation campaign – TheEiffels, Kylie Odetta and SunGhosts.

I’ve also a play for my “Featured Local Artist” all the kings men , plus our latest “Single Of The Week” from Indigo Face.

Listen live every Monday from 8pm at 94.4FM, online and via the TuneIn app.


Playlist 301115
Wild Palms – Ennio
Jamie Beau – Catherine, John & Michael
Lauren Bradford – The River City
Hayley Cannon – Who Are You?
Alpha Shallows – Set The Fires
Indigo Face – At The Gate
Brother Oliver – Maybe You’re The Same As Me
The Frisbys– Born And Raised
@TheEiffels – City All Night
Kylie Odetta – Take Caution
SunGhosts – Polterguy
@All The Kings Men – Making My Escape

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be rounding up my musical highlights of 2015, I’d love to hear your suggestions as to what you’ve been enjoying most over the past 12 months, let me know in the comments section!

New Music Highlights, July 2015

In the first post of this series, I warmly invite you to pull up a pew, throw on a pair of your best headphones and have a listen to ten of the best new tracks that have headed my way this past month…

1. Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Their new album “Currents”, has recently been released to rave reviews all round. There’s plenty to take in on their latest effort, and it certainly requires a good few listens to soak it all up. Highlight so far is the brilliant lead track “Let It Happen”, a near eight minute barrage to start proceedings. Like their best material, the track twists and turns in multiple different directions over it’s course, though it never sits still long enough to become self indulgent, there’s always a sharp ear keeping the melody on track.

2. Bourbon Street Beat – Crossing On A Bend

This Manchester based three piece formed in 2012, and have just released their storming new single “Crossing On A Bend”. The band takes influence from some of the greats of rock and roll, namely Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones amongst many others – however, rather than simply sound indebted to their predecessors, their sound is firmly in the present, with a drum-tight rhythm section driving the tune along. ‘Crossing on a Bend’ was recorded at Blueprints Studios in Salford, engineered by Tim Thomas and mastered by Gary Hadfield.

3. Little Sparrow – Wishing Tree/Garden

Since the release of her debut album “Wishing Tree”, singer songwriter Katie Ware aka Little Sparrow has been steadily growing her fan base with a series of spellbinding live performances (one of her dates at the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford last year was one of my live highlights of 2014). She has just released the brilliant title track from the album as a single, alongside a brand new song“Garden”.

Upcoming live dates include Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August at the Green Gathering Festival in Chepstow, and Sunday 30th August at the Liverpool International Festival in Sefton Park.

The album “wishing Tree” can be bought now via her official website www.littlesparrow.net

4. Foals – Mountain At My Gates

Another week, another smashing Foals track comes our way, building up to the release of their fourth LP “What Went Down” on August 28th. If this and their previous release, the epic title track are anything to go by, then by all rights we should be looking at the Oxford bands finest effort to date. And that’s saying something from the band whose previous three releases have been three of the finest albums of their respective years.

5. Liam McClair – Honest

Of the many male solo singers currently crooning their way around Manchester, Liam McClair stands out as one of the ones to watch. Currently building up to the release of his third EP “Honest”, the title track is built around an immediately memorable refrain, and builds to a great chorus. Liam’s rich, soulful voice fills the song, and his accompanying band warmly expands on his sound from his previous EP “Honey”. Liam launches his new EP with a gig, his first with a full band, at Gullivers in Manchester on Friday 25th September. Support comes from Robbie Cavanagh, Johhny Woodhead and spoken word artist Tom Kwei.

6. Rum Thief – Dirty Shoes

Another Manc solo artist with a new EP on the horizon, this one comes with a bit more swagger in his step. Jot Green aka Rum Thief is gearing up to release his second EP “Reach For The Weatherman”, following on from the mass acclaim that met his debut “Clouded Mind”.  With a fantastically keen ear for melody, the four tracks on the new EP whittle along with gusto, “Rum” playing guitars, drums and vocals on the record. One of the lead tracks “Dirty Shoes” starts off like a northern Johnny Cash, before exploding into a blistering chorus, the pace barely letting up throughout it’s three minutes. The EP will be launched with a gig at Night and Day on August 21st, with support from Second Hand Guns, Uno Mas and High Horses.

7. Los & The Deadlines – Feel At Ease

Every so often a band comes along who’s sound simply pummels you into submission. That band is Los and the Deadlines. Currently based in London and sporting an international line up, the band have recently released their third EP “Perfect Holiday”. These guys pack a real punch, with instantaneously catchy riffs clashing over a groovy rhythm section. They’ve also got brains to boot, with smart lyrics filled to the brim with dark, mischievous Nick Cave-esque tales detailing the numerous declines of Western civilization. They won’t be troubling Radio 2 listeners any time soon, and all the better for it.

8. Elbow – Lost Worker Bee

Manc legends Elbow snuck in this wonderful little release towards the end of the month, the EP taking their home town as it’s lyrical inspiration. Its a lovely collection of songs, true to their sound. It’s unlikely to win them any new fans – rather, it feels more like an interesting annex to their last LP, “The Take Off And Landing Of Everything”. The tracks are fleshed out wonderfully, each band member really getting a chance to find their space and explore loads of interesting audible nooks and crannies. The title track is in frontman Guy Garveys words “about finding love far away from home”. With talk of another EP set for release before the end of the year, there’s plenty of love here on the home front for the chaps.


9. Fold – Two Past Midnight

Fold are a funk & hip-hop influenced experimental four-piece based in Leeds. At the start of May they released their latest single “Two Past Midnight”, a stunning tribute to civil rights activist  Fannie Lou Hamer, whose efforts helped push through the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Both sides of the single are constructed around her empowering sampled speech. There’s something brilliantly original about Fold, in the way they sample material and construct something brand new and contemporary out of it. Nothing about them comes across as forced, the song itself has a real groove that feels completely organic. Check them out live in Leeds on September 25th at Drop@The Primmy Club, and on October 30th at 360 Club@The Library.

10. Laura Marling – Warrior (Directors Cut)

Laura Marling released her fifth LP “Short Movie” earlier in 2015 to near universal acclaim. Now she’s back with a “Directors Cut” of the album – a sceptical first glance would view it simply as a marketing ploy, that is until you hear the sheer difference in the tracks on show. Case in point, Warrior, the opening track, was originally a wandering, ethereal number, Marling weaving a Joni Mitchell esque tale around a swirling, swelling sound scape. Here, however, the track takes a completely different tact, Marling sounding more raw, snarling, PJ Harvey-like than ever before. Her band tears full pelt through the number, leaving you stunned, in awe of a completely new take on the song. Companion track “I Feel Your Love” takes a similar, more gospel route, whereas bonus tracks “David” and “Daisy” stick to safer, more familiar territory. Well worth an investigation.

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New Music Show 29/06/15 on @salfordcradio

On this weeks show I’ve plays for local artists Rum Thief, The Rainband, Sipsmith & Twine and our latest “Featured Local Artist” The Mather Robinson Band.

I’ve three new acts to introduce from my latest Reverbnation campaign – The Gentle Good, Load and Kim Killspeed.

I’ve also plays for The Clear, Odd Rival, Brother Oliver, Frank Turner, and our “Single Of The Week” from Astro Children

Playlist 290615
Rum Thief – Dirty Shoes
Brother Oliver – Maybe You’re The Same As Me
The Rainband Official – Sirens
Frank Turner – The Next Storm
Odd Rival – Out Alive
Astro Children – Play It As It Lays
The Gentle Good – Ocean Is King
Kim Killspeed – Songbird
LOAD – Bruce Lee
The Clear – America
The Mather Robinson BandRobinson Band – Sicily Bound
Sipsmith and Twine – Don’t Pray On Me

Listen live every Monday 8-9pm on 94.4FM and online


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