#newmusic show on @salfordcradio, 281215

It’s the final ‎new music‬ show of 2015 on Salford City Radio! Tune in for a roundup of some of the best new and ‎unsigned‬ acts around.

On this weeks show I’m kickstarting next year as I mean to go on, beginning with my latest ReverbNation campaign which had just got up and running. I’ll be featuring around 3 acts a week from it, this weeks I’ve plays for Lyndsey Craig, Smooth Ends & The Monotrol Kid. I’ve also a play for an act from my last campaign, Kylie Odetta.

I’ll be playing tracks from The Theme, Craig Smith aka One Poet, Red Robb, Little Triggers, Tess Callaghan, Fictonian, Sugarmen & Jimmy & the Revolvers. I’ve also a “Single of the Week” from Colony House with their latest track “Silhouettes”.

Listen live every Monday from 8pm at 94.4FM, online and via the TuneIn app.


Get in touch!

email: callum.mitchell@salfordcityradio.org

twitter: @callumsmitchell

Playlist 281215
Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean
The Theme Live – In A Daze
Fictonian – Full Circle Influence
Local Enemy – Dancing In Your High Heels
Colony House – Silhouettes
Little Triggers – Why You Giving Me Up
Kylie Odetta – Already Gone
Lyndsey Craig – Blood Diamonds
Smooth Ends – Sound Bound
The monotrol kid – Tuscan Moon
Craig Smith aka One Poet– Diamonds In The Dark
Red Robb – Oceans Deep
Tess Callaghan – Favourite Director
Jimmy & the Revolvers – The Morning Paper


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