#newmusic show 301115 on @salfordcradio

On this weeks show On this weeks show I’ve tracks from Jamie Beau, Wild Palms, The Frisbys, Hayley Cannon, Alpha Shallows, Brother Oliver & Lauren Bradford.

I’ve another three new acts to introduce via my current ReverbNation campaign – TheEiffels, Kylie Odetta and SunGhosts.

I’ve also a play for my “Featured Local Artist” all the kings men , plus our latest “Single Of The Week” from Indigo Face.

Listen live every Monday from 8pm at 94.4FM, online and via the TuneIn app.


Playlist 301115
Wild Palms – Ennio
Jamie Beau – Catherine, John & Michael
Lauren Bradford – The River City
Hayley Cannon – Who Are You?
Alpha Shallows – Set The Fires
Indigo Face – At The Gate
Brother Oliver – Maybe You’re The Same As Me
The Frisbys– Born And Raised
@TheEiffels – City All Night
Kylie Odetta – Take Caution
SunGhosts – Polterguy
@All The Kings Men – Making My Escape

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be rounding up my musical highlights of 2015, I’d love to hear your suggestions as to what you’ve been enjoying most over the past 12 months, let me know in the comments section!


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