#newmusic show 280915 on @salfordcradio

Welcome! On this weeks show I’ve plays for local acts Multiplier, Ric Morgan and our latest “Featured Local Artist” Rum Thief.

I’ve three new acts to introduce from my latest Reverbnation campaign, Gabriel Kain & The Ables, Ego The Jackal and Lunar Lake.

I’ve also plays for The Wholls, So Long Storyland, Maritime and our “Single of the Week” from Silverbird.

Playlist 280515
The Wholls – X21
Ric Morgan – Without Reason
Maritime – Satellite Love
Mosley Bar – Record Sleeve
Silverbird – Brooklyn
Gabriel Kain & The Ables – All Over Time And Again
Ego The Jackal – Tame
Lunar Lake – In The Eastern Sun
Rum Thief – Reach For The Weatherman
So Long Storyland – Island Song
Multiplier – Wait By The Gate

Listen live every Monday between 8-9pm at 94.4FM and online


Get in touch!

Email : callum.mitchell@salfordcityradio.org

twitter: @callumsmitchell


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