New Music Hour 210915 on @salfordcradio

On this week’s show I’ll be running through a number of ace acts taking part in this weekends Salford Music Festival. I’ll be playing tracks from The Chief of Seattle, The Marquettes, Tesla Coils & Purge, all playing at the festival. The full line up with venue listings and stage times can be found this-a-way:

I’ve also plays for new tracks from a number of awesome local acts, including The Slow Readers Club, Little Sparrow & Affairs.

I’ve three more acts to introduce from my current ReverbNation campaign, including Blue Moon Harem, Daniel Amedee and Piqued Jacks.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve plays for Nishe Frances and our latest “Single Of The Week” from Whitecliff.

Playlist 210915
Nishe – Lose Control
The Chief of Seattle – Remain
Little Sparrow – Garden
Tesla Coils – Whisky Jars
Affairs – Brothers
Whitecliff – Young Lovers
The Slow Readers Club – Plant The Seed
Blue Moon Harem – Finland
Daniel Amedee – Let Love Out
Piqued Jacks – Reign of Clouds
Purge – Absent Minded Professor
Frances – When It Come To Us

Listen live every Monday 8-9pm on 94.4FM and online

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twitter: @callumsmitchell


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