New Music Show 270715 on @salfordcradio

On this weeks show there’s plays for local acts Navajo, Black Sonic Revolver, The Ninja Report, Rogue Network and two plays for our latest “Featured Local Artist” Little Sparrow.

I’ve three more acts to play from my Reverbnation campaign – So Long Storyland, Mystery Loves Company and Ard Matthews.

I’ve also plays for Ancient River, Just Millie and our “Single Of The Week” from Able Archer.

Playlist 270715
Rogue Network – Lowland City
Navajo – Woolen Lamb
Just Millie – Lanterns
Black Sonic Revolver – Space & Time
Ancient River – This Is The Time
Little Sparrow – Wishing Tree
So Long Storyland – The Flood
Ard Matthews – Stay Together
Mystery Loves Company – Day by Day
The Ninja Report – Leave Me Behind
Able Archer – The Warden
Little Sparrow – Garden

Listen live every Monday 8-9pm on 94.4FM and online

Get in touch!


twitter: @callumsmitchell


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